Our 498 kw solar power station is being built in the town of Baktalórántháza lot number 042/19

1. Designing a solar farm

Our architects, experts of solar power station design and construction, and proven subcontractors prepare the design documentation necessary for licensing and construction.

2. Licensing the solar power station to participate in the mandatory off-take system

Based on the audited business plan of setting up a solar farm, submitted to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, the investor can participate in the balance circle system of mandatory off-take, and has the opportunity to sell electricity produced by the solar farm for 25 years in case of an equity investment. Our project, a solar power station with a 498 kVA aggregated inverter output power – contingent on the adjoining 498 kW solar cell power – is capable of producing about 622,500 KWh electricity each year, which means a ca. 15,000,000 HUF yield even after subtracting the costs of operation, resulting in a 12 year payback on a ca. 182,000,000 HUF investment, while we can enjoy income from the solar power station for another 13 years if we make an equity investment.

3. Securing the participation license and the building permit of the solar farm

A solar power station usually regenerates medium voltage to a specific point of the 20kV public network, defined by a distribution network operator, or directly to a busbar of the substation operated by a DNO. Our project is set up at an empty outlying lot of Baktalórántháza, the designated connection point will be in a neighboring area, a few meters from the lot’s boundary.

4. Solar farm construction

NEW Direction Ltd. was established in 2016 with the aim of expanding our existing business profile. Owners have always looked for innovative solutions, so taking advantage of the fact that we have got an electric engineer in the family, we want to move towards energy production. The mission of our firm is to assume a pioneer role in generating power from solar energy in Hungary, and an active presence on the world market.